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Every day is Earth day

Every day is Earth day

Earth Day is right around the right around the. Here's how you can participate.

The life on Earth is dependent on life support however it isn't necessary to be that way.

Earth Day is right around the right around the. Here's how you can participate.

On the 28th of January of 1969 an oil well burst up in the ocean off Santa Barbara, California. Under enormous pressure, oil created five gashes on the sea bed, and that a lot of gas flooded the surface that it seemed to be boiling.

Slowly , but surely millions of gallons crude oil spilled out of the fissures, creating huge, tarry and black slick which eventually covered an area that was nearly as large as Chicago. It is an oil leak that was at the time was regarded as the largest spill in U.S. waters.

The effect of the marine environment was enormous. It was the death of many animals and the destruction of an amazing biodiversity the blackness of an Armageddon that captured the attention of the general public and spurred legislators to take taking action.

The year 1969 was an important moment in environmental activism, which led to the formation of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency as well as the adoption the California's Environmental Quality Act and the federal Environmental Protection Act. It also sparked an opportunity to think and think about the challenges that our planet is confronting -Earth Day. Earth Day.

A little more than half a century later since the day it was established in 1970, Earth Day is coming to an end on April 22. It's the perfect time to reflect about what it signifies to you.

Earth Day 2022: 'Invest in Our Planet'

The theme for the upcoming Earth Day is "Invest in Our Planet". The annual events surrounding the day act as a call to action for the preservation of our Earth, ushering in discussions about preserving the biosphere and atmosphere, fighting pollution, investing in renewable energy, and a plethora of other sustainability-related causes.

Today today, it is now the Paris Climate Agreement has now been in force for over six years. Yet, the carbon emissions of humanity are rising and put our world at risk of catastrophic catastrophes due to climate change as we take the minimum steps to improve our lifestyles and the way we use our resources, and the ways we want to be treated.

Every year, we find ourselves further into ecological and climate debt and catastrophe. The moment to take action is "now or not now" in accordance with an April report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Tipping points have been popping up all over the place with different intensities, there's ever been a more crucial time to mark Earth Day.

The clock is ticking. What can you do to get involved?

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