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Bamboo Fabric

What is Bamboo Fabric? 

What is Bamboo Fabric? 

The benefits of bamboo fabric:

  • -UV resistant
    -highly water absorbent, moisture absorbent to keep you dry
    -Antibacterial and Odorless to keep you fresh
    -Good insulation performance: helps to stay cool in summer and keep warm in winter
    -Hypoallergenic: bamboo does not cause allergic issues
    -Quick harvest: They grow up quickly and no need for re-planting
    -Organic growth: No fertilizers or pesticides are needed during the process
    -Biodegrade much more quickly than oil synthetics
    -Eco-friendly fabric-help to save the planet by producing oxygen and reducing the CO2 emission.



For each of the bamboo project, we provide the GOTS certificate.
-The Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)

Image by Eric BARBEAU

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