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FSC Paper

What is FSC Paper? 

What is FSC Paper? 

Paper bags offer amazing benefits regarding environmental sustainability. They help create an environment that is more sustainable because ...

They are organic and biodegradable.
They can be reused and recycled.
Their raw material comes from forests that are managed sustainably.
They keep the carbon dioxide (CO 2)
The eco-friendly logos created through The Paper Bag help companies show their environmental responsibilities and promote the sustainability benefits of paper bags and then share the bags with customers.

Paper bags are biodegradable and natural.

  • The material that is used for papermaking - cellulose fiber extracted from wood is a renewable, ever-growing natural resource. Because of their natural properties papers break down when they accidentally end up in the environment. Utilizing natural water-based colors and adhesives made of starch, paper bags do not cause harm to the environment.

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Paper bags are recyclable and reusable. recyclable

Because of the long and sturdy cellulose fibres that are that are used in paper bags, they possess a strong mechanical strength. The bags are reusable multiple times due to their high design and quality. In the 4 part video collection produced by "The Paper Bag" the reuseability of bags made from paper are put through the test. The same bag is able to withstand four loads of eight kilograms or more, in addition to demanding shopping items that contain sharp edges and moisture content and bumpy transport scenarios that are commonplace. After four times, it's suitable for a different use. The long fibres in bags provide a great source for recycling. With a 73.9 percent recycling rates by the year 2020 1., Europe is the world's top recycler of paper. 56 million tons of paper were recycledin the last year, which is 1.8 tonnes per second! The paper bags as well as the paper bag form a part of this cycle. A study from 2 shows that packaging made of paper can be reused over 25 times before being transformed into bioenergy or used to compost after the completion of its cycle. Recycling paper can reduce the amount of pollution emissions that are generated by landfills.

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Paper bags come from sustainable managed forests

The cellulose fibres utilized as raw materials for the production of bags of paper in Europe are mainly sourced from sustainable maintained European forests. They are harvested from the thinning of trees and processes waste of the sawn wood industry. Each year, more wood grows than is used within European forests. Between 1990 to 2020, the size of forest land in Europe has grown by 9%, which equates up to 227 million acres. That's more than three-quarters of Europe is covered in trees. 3 Sustainable forest management helps to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity as well as providing an environment for wildlife, recreation areas, and creates jobs. Forests hold a huge potential to reduce climate change when they expand.

Paper bags are used to store CO2

They absorb CO 2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen as they grow. The average annual carbon sequestration within the European region was the 155 million tons between 2010 until 2020. Sequestration amounts to approximately 10% of greenhouse gas emissions within the EU-28 region. 4 Additionally, as paper is a wood-based product, it will continue to store carbon for the duration of its existence. This carbon sequestration duration can be extended when we reuse the paper. Paper bags can be effective in preventing climate change.

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