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Faurecia and Veolia joined forces to produce recycled plastics for automobiles

Faurecia and Veolia joined forces to produce recycled plastics for automobiles

French automotive producers Faurecia as well as Veolia have announced a pioneering partnership that will use recycled plastics for the interior of cars. They plan to achieve the average value of 30 percent recycled material by the year 2025. The recycled materials will be used for door panels, instrument panels as well as center consoles in automobiles across Europe.

"The recycling of plastics is among the most important challenges to the environmental improvement of the auto industry since it plays a significant part to reduce CO2 emissions as well as improving the ecological performance of cars. The interiors of cars today are mostly made of virgin materials," writes Faurecia and Veolia in the joint statement.

30percent recycled plastics in 2025

French automotive manufacturer Faurecia and French eco-friendly company Veolia have joined forces to boost the recycling of plastics from recycled sources used in automobile applications. This Tuesday the two companies announced that the new partnership will collaborate to create innovative materials to reach 30% recycled material in 2025.

The new materials can be used to make doors instruments panels, door panels, along with center consoles that will be used in automobiles and other vehicles in Europe by using Faurecia's links. Veolia on its own will begin manufacturing of these second-hand raw materials on its current locations in France in 2023.

Carbon footprints that are lower

"By combing our creativity and industrial strength together with Veolia We can accelerate the introduction of revolutionary sustainable materials, as well as their time-to-market and help reduce the amount of plastic waste and bolstering an economy that is circular," writes Patrick Koller who is the chief executive officer of Faurecia.

In addition recycling polymers as raw material in the automotive products of the supplier will aid in reducing the carbon footprint. This is a step in the right direction towards its carbon neutrality strategy.


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