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What is Tyvek?

What is Tyvek®?

DuPont(tm), Tyvek(r), is a cost-effective, versatile material with many benefits. It is a non-woven, unique material that Dupont describes as "Feels like... paper but it's not..." Tyvek(r), which feels like fabric but isn't, can be used in everything, from packaging to graphics to protective clothing to building materials. Tyvek(r) can be printed in both a paper-like, hard structure or a fabric-like soft structure.

The Benefits of Tyvek®?

  • Durable –Tyvek (r) is extremely tough, resists tears, punctures and water. It can also be folded, stapled and glued.

  • Lightweight - This innovative material boasts a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to design with. Tyvek(r), which is lightweight and flexible, can be worn to make products.

  • Recyclable Tyvek(r), is 100% recyclable making it an eco-friendly material.

  • Outdoor-ready –Graphics printed with Tyvek(r), can withstand harsh outdoor environments and are not subject to additional protection. It repels water and resists rot, mildew and soiling. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -94°F to 244°F.

  • Printable Tyvek(r), is compatible with all traditional and digital printing techniques including offset, screen, UVinkjet, thermal transfer and more.

  • Custom converting- Tyvek(r), can be converted to create the final product using a variety methods including laminating and perforating, punching and stitching, folding, glueing, embossing and many more.

  • FDA-approved Tyvek(r), is available in styles that can be used for food contact or sterile applications.

Strong. Soft. Recyclable. Reusable bags from DuPont(tm), Tyvek®.

DuPont(tm), Tyvek(r), is a material with all the best qualities of paper, film, and fabric but also offers unique beauty, strength, and recyclability.

It's no surprise that it is a popular choice for reusable bags both by environmentally-conscious retailers and customers.

Remarkably Usable, Convenient, and Reliable

Tyvek(r), which is strong and resistant to tears, punctures and punctures, means bags made of it can be reused repeatedly. Tyvek (r) resists stains so these bags can be easily cleaned. Tyvek (r) can be machine washed* or spot cleaned. Then hang it to dry. Tyvek(r), bags are lightweight, soft, and "scrunchable "..." and can be carried in a purse or pocket for ease.

Responsibly Recyclable

Tyvek(r), bags can be reused multiple times. They can also be recycled in grocery store bags.

Easy Printability

Tyvek(r), with its bright white surface and smooth texture, makes it easy for you to print crisp graphics and vivid colors. Tyvek(r), can be printed easily with offset, UV inkjet and flexography printing processes.

Maximum Versatility

Tyvek(r), with its soft texture and smooth touch, is easy to machine. You have endless possibilities with it's flexibility, foldability, and sewing capabilities. Tyvek(r), can be coated, embossed and glued, hot foil stamp, laminated and machine or die-cut, perforated, punched, welded, and heat sealed.

DuPont(tm), Tyvek(r), gives your printed material a unique look that is better than any other paper. It feels natural, and it has great flat, precision folding properties. It can be used as a fabric even though it's not a fabric.

DuPont(tm), Tyvek(r),'s physical properties make them the ideal substrates to most of your printing or converting needs. Tyvek(r), whether you are producing tags and labels or banners, signs, maps, and documents, adds strength and durability to almost any application. Plus, it's 100% recyclable, making it an attractive solution for environmentally-conscious decision makers.


DuPont(tm), Tyvek(r), is a nonwoven material that only DuPont can offer. Tyvek(r), made from 100% high density polyethylene fibres, is randomly laid and then compressed to create a tough printing substrate. It is ideal for applications that require durability and tear resistance. Tyvek(r), which can withstand repeated folding and flexing, is not prone to tearing. You can glue, laminate, sewn and staple it.

Tyvek(r), which combines the best of paper, film, and fabric, is ideal for many applications.

Tyvek(r), because of its unique physical characteristics, has been used successfully for many applications including:

* Tags * Self-adhesive labels * Signs and banners * Maps * Manuals & documents * Wristbands * Race numbers * Apparel * Art


Tyvek(r), is extremely light and flexible. Tyvek(r) has a remarkable strength to weight ratio. This, combined with its high strength and recyclingability makes it an ideal substrate for printing banners and signs.


Tyvek(r), made of high-density polyethylene fibers (HDPE), is 100% recyclable, just like plastic bottles.


Tyvek(r), by DuPont(tm), is designed to withstand harsh, rugged, and extreme conditions. Are you looking for long-term outdoor use, chemicals, heat, cold or rough handling? No problem! Tyvek(r), is chemical, tear, puncture and water resistant.

Water and Chemical Resistant

Paper becomes wet and crumbles when it absorbs humidity. Tyvek(r), repels water and keeps your message intact. Tyvek(r), unlike other products, isn't affected by acids, bases or salts. It is resistant to rot and mildew and resists soiling.

Tyvek(r), can withstand temperatures as high as +118degC. At around 80degC, deformation can occur. Tyvek (r) is made of high density polyethylene and can burn. Therefore, Tyvek (r) should not considered fire-resistant.

Print Tyvek(r), can be printed using traditional techniques

* Offset * Flexo * Screen * UV inkjet * Thermal transfer * gravure * Latex * Letterpress printing processes

Tyvek(r), can be used to print most digital techniques. Our technical manual contains more information.

Withstands Outdoor Exposure

Protective coating is not necessary for labels, tags or other items as long as they are printed on DuPont(tm), Tyvek(r), substrate. Tyvek(r), depending on the weather, can be expected to withstand outdoor exposure for up to three months. You may be able to extend your exposure time with special UV coatings.

Convert easily

Tyvek(r), a DuPont(tm), is a tough and unique printing substrate that's easy to convert. Tyvek(r), can be used in the following ways:

* Coated * Embossed * Folded (dead folded) * Glued * Hot foil stamped * Laminated * Perforated and punched * Stitched * Heat sealed and welded

Corona Treated

Tyvek (r)'s corona-and antistat treatments increase the effectiveness of any ink or adhesive and make Tyvek(r), easy to use on digital, letterpress and offset presses. Corona treatment is applied to both the Tyvek(r), styles with a "D", suffix, and style 1079. This improves surface wettability (40-42 Dynes/cm2).

FDA-approved for Food Contact and Sterile Applications

We have the right solution for you if you are printing labels or tags for food contact or other sterile applications. Tyvek(r), styles 1443C or 1058C, can be used in food contact applications.

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